98th workout of the year, 10/3/2011.

Music: Atlanta Rhythm Section. T- Shirt: Magnum (the Ice Cream Bar).

We haven’t done Circuit Training in a while so time to get cranking back with it.

Lots of folks showed up. Which is good.

It means we do more stations.

So this go round we did a big variety of exercises.

All exercises were done 30 seconds at each station for maximum reps.

We did 4 cycles.

Yep 4 cycles…no need for more!

The Exercises of the Day:

  1. DB Incline Press
  2. Step Run
  3. Ab Pullins
  4. Vertimax Laterals
  5. Battling Ropes
  6. Weighted Jump Rope
  7. Plate Upright Rows
  8. Windshield Wipers
  9. BB Curls
  10. Inverted Rows
  11. Bosu Push Ups
  12. Bosu Squats
  13. Crunches
  14. Leg Raises



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