100th workout of the year, 10/10/2011.

Music: Green Day. T- Shirt: Train Hard Play Hard.

Had enough of the Circuit Training the past couple of workouts.

So time for some more conditioning stuff.

You like weights? We got weights!

You like cardio? We got cardio!

You like core/abs? We got core/abs!

You like jumping? We got jumping!

First: Tabata Style Jumps

I guess you could call these broad jumps. Doesn’t matter if you call them “Fred”, these were much more difficult than they appeared on paper.

The exercise? Just jumping forward.

The catch? You gotta do it for 20 seconds, then you get a 10 second break. Then you repeat the process for a total of 8 cycles. Takes just under 4 minutes…but you’ll feel like you’ve been running for miles!

Second: Dumbbell Ladders

We got 13 sets of Dumbbell out…5 pounders to 65 pounders.

We did 5 reps on every dumbbell for every exercise.

If someone couldn’t make it up to the 65’s they just stayed at the heaviest they could handle for the remaining sets.

The exercises?

Dumbbell Push Press

Dumbbell Squats

Third: “Clock Push Ups”

  1. One push up at 9:00, 12:00, 3:00. Repeat 5 times
  2. Hand walks from 9:00 to 3:00. Repeat 5 times

Fourth: Rotation Push Up with a kick

Yep…that’s it. You do a push up. You rotate your body then kick up with one leg. Then repeat the process , kicking with the other leg.

We did it for 25 Yards.

Fifth: Core/Abs with medicine balls

Sit up/Side to Side 5 Reps each ball

Sit Up, Ball to Feet 5 Reps each ball

Sixth: Optional Stretching



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