Actually there were 10!

103rd workout of the year, 10/17/2011.

Music: Gin Blossoms. T- Shirt: Life is Good.

Had enough of the circuits for the time being.

Thinking about doing something to really tire out the body.

I know!


For the whole workout!

We’ve done an all “Tabata Style” workout a few times in the past. Never completely the same exercises.

So to those new to “Tabatas” I quote none other than myself (again):

“Izumi Tabata is a researcher in Japan. You can connect with him on Facebook (but it probably isn’t really him).

Dr. Izumi Tabata,,of The National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, developed a protocol to increase both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. “Tabata” workouts are brief, but extremely intense.

When I say we are doing “Tabatas”, I am extrapolating from the research of Dr. Tabata.

Meaning we take an exercise and bust your rear for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second break. The process is repeated 8 times. A less than 4 minute process. Painful but it pays off!”

Today’s Tabata Treats:

Chair Squats

Chair Triceps Dips

Bottoms Up Squats

Plate Upright Rows


Plate Curls

Prone Alternate Arm/Leg Raises

Ground Up Push Ups

Plate Overhead Presses

Leg Raises



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