Weight Plate Complex 2

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Core, Exercise, fitness, High Intensity
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104th workout of the year, 10/22/2011.

Music: Better Than Ezra. T- Shirt: I wonder what it means?

Back to the plates!

The plates, you say?

Yes, the plates. Back to an all plate workout.

Well almost. We did stick some Tabata style stuff and even some old school ab/core “entertainment”.

Why not grab a plate and join in the fun?

It won’t kill you…

First: 21 Plate Exercises

2 cycles: 12 reps then 6 reps

  1. Plate Squats
  2. Plate Presses
  3. Plate Good Mornings
  4. Plate Overhead Squats
  5. Plate Front Raises
  6. Plate Pushes
  7. Plate Long Lunges
  8. Plate Curls
  9. Plate Woodchoppers
  10. Plate Halos
  11. Plate Woodchoppers From Floor
  12. Plate Windshield Wipers
  13. Plate Triceps Extensions
  14. Plate Floor Presses
  15. Plate Overhead Seated Leg Raises
  16. Plate Twists Seated Feet Up
  17. Plate Stiff Leg Deadlifts
  18. Plate Pullthroughs From Ankles
  19. Plate Overhead Sidebends
  20. Plate Sidebends
  21. Plate Grip Circles

Second: “Tabata Style” Wall Sprints

For 20 seconds run as fast as you can leaning forward against a wall.

Take a 10 second break.

Then repeat the process 8 times.

You won’t want to do it again any time soon.

Third: Abbie Cores

Crunches 50

Leg Raises 50

Side Crunches 25 Each Side

Up the Middle Crunch 25



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