One Hour, One Exercise!

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Exercise, fitness, Glutes, lose fat
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106th workout of the year, 10/26/2011.

Music: Def Leppard. T- Shirt: The Flash.

We were all still sore from the last unconventional workout.

So I decided we would do another unconventional session doing just one exercise.

Yep. Just one exercise.

For an hour.

It just so happens that today is a birthday workout as well.

So the years (52) dictated the amount of reps for the one measly exercise.

Really, I know it sounds easy enough.

As usual…it wasn’t.

Not at all.

Nor was it fun.

But we did it. And I’m thinking we probably won’t do it again…

Or will we?

So what did we do?

Monster Walks.

With Gold Theraband.

52 times.

That is 52 times on a 25 yard track.

That’s a lot of burn to the glutes and thighs!


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