111th workout of the year, 11/10/2011.

Music: A radio. I forgot to turn off the system the other day. The batteries would only play the radio. Not enough power for the CD.

Sweat-Shirt: Reebok (It was chilly out there!).

Playground Workout Number 1 was a blast!

Well…kinda. Sure we all felt like kids again but the equipment didn’t fit adults too well.

However still a good workout. And to think as youngsters it was just play!

It was so much fun we had to do it again!

Well that and we don’t have a place or equipment (yet).

First: Picnic Table Step Overs

All you need is a picnic table.

  • You step up onto the bench.
  • Then onto the table.
  • Walk across the table.
  • Then step down onto the bench and floor.

Repeat that process 50 times.

Oh you’ll feel it. You will definitely feel it!

Second: Picnic Table Plyo Push Ups

You do an incline push up on the table top and “bounce” down to the bench.

Repeat that process 10 times…which would be 20 reps.

Then you repeat the little cycle again 5 times.

Yep 100 reps!

This wasn’t too bad in the beginning but the last set was tough!

Third: Side Step Ups

Another tough single leg exercise.

Stand with the picnic bench to the side of your leg.

Step up sideways, one leg at a time.

Knock out 25 reps on each side.

Fourth: Squats

Just regular old body weight squats.

50 of them.

Fifth: Toe Hops

Hop up and down with just your toes.

Burns up the calves.

We did 4 sets of 50 hops.

Sixth: Playground 1

  • Well first you climb on to the thing.
  • Then you take the monkey bars.
  • Go Across the Shaky Bridge.
  • Down the Slide.
  • Run for about 25 yards.

Then you do it all over again.

We did this 3 times.

Seventh: Playground 2

  • Climb Up The Ladder.
  • Then Take The Slide.
  • Run Around and Climb Back The Thing.
  • Crawl Through The Habitrail.
  • Climb Off The Thing.
  • Run for about 25 yards.
  • Then you do it all over again.

We did this 3 times.

Eighth: Core/Abs

A simple “super set” of:

  • Rear Leg Raises
  • Seated Leg Raises

4 Sets

50 Reps Each



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