114th workout of the year, 11/19/2011.

Music: None (again…forgot to get batteries for the portable CD player…the power isn’t on yet). T-Shirt: JONESERCISE.

OK. We are in a new place.

Well, new for us anyway.

A big empty box.

We’ll have to fill it bit by bit.

It was chilly today…no heat in the big box!

First: Toe Hops

Just jump up and downs on your tip toes.

Do it a lot.

If you do it like us, you’ll do 2 sets of 1 minute.

Burns, it does!

Second: Push Ups

Regular Push Ups 10

Rotation Push Ups 10

Cobra Push Ups 10

Foot to Hand Push Ups 10

Third: Squats

Regular Squats 50

Wide Squats 25

Feet Together Squats 25

Fourth: Mountain Climbers

Regular Mountain Climbers 4 x 50

Foot to Hand Mountain Climbers 1 x 50

Fifth: More Conditioning Stuff!

Inchworms 30 Yards

Long Lunges 30 Yards

Jump Up/Jump Out 60 Yards

Sixth: Core/Ab Stuff

Collect a bunch of different objects.

We used weight plates, kettle bells, medicine balls, Bulgarian Bags, dumbbells, and even a Shake Weight. Yeah, you read that correctly…a Shake Weight!

Sit Up, Object Side to Side 5 Reps Each Object

Leg Raises Object in Outstretched Arms 10 Reps Each Object

Seated Leg Raises Object Overhead 10 Reps Each Object

Object To Feet Crunches 5 Reps Each Object



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