The Next New Place

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, fitness, Glutes, Push ups
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115th workout of the year, 11/21/2011.

Music: A radio. A car radio that is. And dammit on a country station!

T-Shirt: LandShark.

OK. Here we go again.

Got another “new” space to train. And we’re in the dark because the electricity isn’t on.

We could have just skipped the workout. Not us.

No we are here to train. Get Sweating.

In the new Sweat Box!

There weren’t enough lights so we had to had some car lights beamed inside.

No excuses!

First: Chair Conditioning 2 Cycles

  1. Decline Push Ups 10
  2. Chair Lunges 25
  3. Incline Push Ups 15
  4. One Leg Squat, Leg On Chair 25
  5. Leg Over Chair Kicks 10
  6. Chair Squats 25
  7. Seated Leg Raises 25
  8. Side Kick Over Chair 10
  9. Lemon Squeezers 25
  10. Front Kick Over Chair 10
  11. Chair Toe Taps 10

Second: Hip and Leg Mobility

Long Lunges 4 x 30 Yards

Crescent Kick In-Out 2 x 30 Yards

Crescent Kick Out-In 2 x 30 Yards

Third: Push Ups

Cobra Style!

5 x 10

Sounds easy…it isn’t

Fourth: Old School Core/Abs

Crunches 4 x 50

Leg Raises 4 x 50

Crunches 4 x 25

Leg Raises 4 x 25


  1. Matt Henderson says:

    Ah memories. Before I moved into Jerry’s actual gym (Kathy’s aerobic room, foyer (leading to the stairs where they lived) I was two doors down, in a former Korean Beauty Shop (which had a refrigerator with unspeakably old food (I think) in it. But I had 10 Rangers from the 75th, and several other students and…we worked out by the light of hurricane lamps when daylight savings changed. (It was actually a good thing–the roof leaked so badly that electricity would have been a bad idea anyway.) The place looks awesome. Very excited.

  2. Bill Jones says:

    The lights are on now!!

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