124th workout of the year, 12/17/2011.

Music: Rob Zombie.  T-shirt: LandShark.

Small class today.

Wonder why?

Could it be they heard we were going to do KB swings for half the workout?


I didn’t decide to do it until I walked in the building!

So I don’t know what happened.

I do know that I have more respect for the swings than I ever did before!

First: Kettlebell Swings

30 minutes

Yep, 30 minutes. In a row? Well that was the plan…didn’t turn out that way.

We started until we couldn’t do any more…so a few minutes.

Then we did sets of 2 minutes.

Then sets of 1 minute.

Then sets of 30 seconds.


Next: Circuit

3 Cycles

Chain Weighted Tire Pull

Incline DB Press

Ab Pullins on Slideboard

Bulgarian Bag Twists



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