Mega Circuit, Core and Abs

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Body Weight, Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, fitness
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125th workout of the year, 12/19/2011.

Music: Bunch of Disco Tunes.  T-shirt: TUX.

Oh yeah! Still tryin to get some work done!

Topic: Holidays…what to buy…what to eat.

Or what not to eat!

First: 14 Station Circuit

30 Sec, Max Reps, 3 Cycles

Chain Battle

Push Ups

Incline DB Press to Sit Up

Push Up Position Feet On Wall

KB Swings

Bulgarian Bag Squats

Ab Pullins on slide board

Ham Pullins on Ball

Wall Sit

Chair Jump Squats


Medicine Ball Overhead Squats

Leg Raises

Wrist Roller

Second: Same 14 Stations

But 5 Burpees after each station.

Yeah…like we needed that!

Third: Core/Ab Stuff

Randy Rockers 25

Roll up Crunches 25

Side Crunch Jack Knives 25

Rolling Leg Raise to Sit Up 25

Table Position Knee to Elbow 10



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