2nd workout of the year, 1/4/2012.

Music: Kid Rock.  T-shirt: Guinness.

I am writing this on 1/8/2012…

My thighs are still sore…

Wanna get a decent leg and butt workout?

Do this!!

First: Agility Ladder

We usually don’t repeat things from one workout to the next.

But today is an exception

Not because the ladder is awesome, but because it’s cold and we needed to warm up a bit!

Second: All Body Weight Leg Destroying Workout

20 reps on everything.

  1. Squats
  2. Double Squat Jump (rockbottom then1/3 and jump)
  3. Bottoms Up Squats
  4. Rock Bottom Squats
  5. Squat Twist Touch Floor
  6. Rock Bottom Squats to Parallel
  7. Knee To Elbow Squats
  8. Knee To Opposite Elbow Squats
  9. Wall Squats Arms Overhead
  10. Squats Forward Lunge
  11. Squat Jumps
  12. Squat Twist Touch Floor  and Jump
  13. Squats Rear Lunge
  14. Side Lunge Squats
  15. Narrow to Wide Squat

Third: Same Thing

This time just 10 reps on everything.

Still tough.

Fourth: Core/Abs

Leg Raise Sit Up Combo (grab legs) 25

Leg Raise To Wall 25

Leg Raise R/L on Wall 20

Leg Raises Wide to Narrow on Wall 25

Leg Raise To Wall With Hip Ups 25



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