4th workout of the year, 1/9/2012.

Music: Led Zeppelin.  T-shirt:. Jagermeister.

Can’t wait to do some more stuff today!

Can’t say why…just feel like breaking a sweat.

Who knew it would be a river!

First: Agility Ladder

Just a bunch of different drills.

Next time we’ll throw in some upper body.

Second: 12 Station Circuit

Only did one cycle because it took so long.

You see the timer was the person on the floor pulling the tire by the chain.

It was tougher than anticipated.

We’ll do it again…

  1. Plank Position Tire Pulls
  2. DB Inclines
  3. Ab Pullins on Slideboard
  4. Keg Hug and Squat
  5. KB Swings
  6. Hamstring Ball Pullins
  7. Keg Clean, Press, Burpee, Pushup
  8. Side step
  9. Plate Pullthroughs
  10. Crunches
  11. Inverted Rows
  12. Bulgarian Bag Squats

Third: Same Circuit

Ye. Same circuit…

But 5 Burpees after each station

Not fun at all!!

Fourth: Core/Ab Stuff

12 Objects: Kettlebells, Medballs, a dumbbell or 2…somebody even grabbed a basketball?

Sit Up Object Side to Side 5 Reps Each Object

Seated Leg Raises Object Overhead 10 Reps Each Object

Tables 1 Minute

Tables, 1 Leg Straight 30 Seconds Each Side

Tables, 1 Leg Straight Up, 30 Seconds Each Side

Tables, 1 Leg and 1 Arm, 30 Seconds Each Side



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