8th workout of the year, 1/18/2012.

Music: The Radio.  T-shirt: MMA.

Was a cold, cold night.

Had to stay bundled up in the beginning.

However, it wasn’t long before the sweat started to pour!

First: Agility Ladder Drills

There are a bunch of drills floating around the internet, training manuals and DVDs.

Or you can just make stuff up!

As long as you can repeat it, it’s a new drill!

Second: Burpee Variations

Regular Burpees 2 x 25

Mike Ray Burpee w/Ground Up Push Up 1 x 25

Burpee Land In Lunge 1 x 25

Third: 7 Station Circuit Training

30 Seconds Max Reps, 2 cycles

Keg Upright Rows

Ab Pullins on Slideboard

Jump Rope

Keg Clean/Press/Burpee/Pushup

Med Ball Twist Incline Situp

Inverted Row

Bulgarian Bag Squat

Fourth: More Burpees!

7 Med Balls, Various Weights, 6 – 22 pounds

3 Burpees With Each Ball

1 Cycle

Fifth: Core/Abs

5 Med Balls 6 – 22 pounds

Sit up/Ball Side to Side 5 Reps Each Ball

Leg Raises Ball in Extended Arms 10 Reps Each Ball

Legs Up, Ball To Each Foot 10 Reps Each Ball

Seated Leg Raises, Ball Overhead 10 Reps Each Ball



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