15th workout of the year, 2/18/2012.

Music: Hits from 1973.  T-shirt: Captain America.

No circuit today. A return to basics. Body weight only.

Can be done anywhere. So do it!!

First: Agility Ladders

Yeah…just to get started.

Still thinking of a way to do an all agility ladder workout.

Could be great or it could suck.

But you never know until you do it!

Second: Push Up Variations/Burpees

10 Different Push Ups

10 Reps Each

10 Burpees Between Each Set of Push Ups

Push Ups

Clapping Push Ups

Wide Push Ups

Close Push Ups

Rotation Push Ups

One Leg Push Ups

Walk Out Push Ups

Ground Up Push Ups

Off Set Hands Push Ups

Push Up Position 3 Min

The last one is tough. Just stay in the top portion of the push up.

Some folks call this a plank as well.

Third: Squat Variations/Burpees

10 Different Squats

20 Reps Each

10 Burpees Between Each Set of Squats


Wide Squats

Wider Squats

Feet Together Squats

Bottoms Up Squats

Rock Bottom Squats

Squat Twist Touch Floor

Knee To Elbow Squats

Squat Jumps

Side Lunge Squats


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