All Agility Ladder Workout!

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Body Weight, Exercise, fitness, Push ups
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16th workout of the year, 2/20/2012.

Music: DragonForce.  T-shirt: Jamaica.

Got a little sore from the body weight workout the other day.

No too terribly bad. Just enough to let you know you did something. Of course it wasn’t like that right after the workout!

So I kept thinking about what I wrote the other day…about a workout just with the agility ladder. So I came up with one…well maybe two…but that’s for later on!

I’m not sure how long the ladder is. And it’s actually 2 snapped together.

Anyway I came up with 31 different things.

Some are similar…but not the same.

I have no idea what to call some of the drills but I had to call them something or I wouldn’t have remembered what to do!

So bear with the workout explanation. Try to follow along with the video.

And if worse comes to worse…yeah, I’ll answer questions…

I ask myself after most of the workouts if I would do it again.

I only answer “yes” if I felt it.

I felt this one.

Agility Ladder Workout – Do Each Drill Twice

  1. Straight run though
  2. Straight run backwards
  3. 2 foot hops forward
  4. 2 foot hops backwards
  5. 2 in forwards
  6. Scissors forward
  7. High knees forwards
  8. Hopscotch forward
  9. Hopscotch backward
  10. Hopscotch 1 leg
  11. Ali shuffle
  12. 2 foot hops twist 180
  13. Lateral In/Out
  14. Lateral all the way across
  15. Stutter step
  16. Stutter 1 in/2 out
  17. Stutter 2 feet together
  18. 1 foot in forward
  19. 1 foot backwards
  20. Lateral High knees
  21. 1 foot stutter (slalom)
  22. 1 foot sideways
  23. Scissor Lateral
  24. Hand in bear crawling
  25. 2 Hands in going forward
  26. Hand in/out “Frogger”
  27. Hands Icky shuffle
  28. Hands laterally
  29. In/Out hands
  30. Lateral Hopping hands
  31. Ground Up Push up on ladder





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