6 Body Weight Exercises

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, fitness, Glutes, Shoulders
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19th workout of the year, 2/27/2012.

Music: Isley Brothers.  T-shirt: The Beatles.

There were a few “themes” for tonight’s workout.

Fun? I don’t think so!

One: Body Weight

Two: The Number 15.

Three: The Number 30.

Four: Pain.

Yep, wasn’t much fun.

First: Ground Up Push Ups Clap behind back

The behind the back “clap” was to totally deactivate the arms, shoulders and chest before we did a rep.

And we only did 15 reps.

There was a “catch”, as usual.

We did one push up every 30 Seconds.

We did 15 Push Ups…but we did one every 30 seconds.

Second: Bridges

We did 15 of these.

We held the bridge position with toes up for 30 seconds then came down for a second break.

This starts out easy.

Then your legs and glutes start lighting on fire!

Third: Sit Ups

We did a full sit up and came backwards to a tension point in the abs.

As time went on the hip flexors and quads got hit as well.

We did 15.

Fourth: Squats

These hurt.

We did a full squat.

Then we came up to where the thighs were parallel to the floor.

We held that position for 30 seconds, with our fingers touching the floor.


Five: Planks

The core was melting.

The planks sent it over the edge.

We held the plank position for 30 seconds then down and up again.

Again 15 Reps.

Six: Leg raises

We had an option to do either seated leg raises or supine leg raises.

Some did a little of both.

We did one leg raise every 30 seconds.

The “rest” phase was with the legs in the up position.

Quads, hip flexors, and abs…all burning up!



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