21st workout of the year, 3/3/2012.

Music: Iced Earth.  T-shirt: Iced Earth.

Today was a stuff day.

A bunch of stuff…for a belated birthday workout.

If we had a cake, the candles would have been put out by the sweat!

First: Stuff

Push up stuff.

But not your ordinary push ups.

Well I guess they are kinda ordinary.

The catch here is you do one push up every 5 seconds.

The “rest” period is the top position.

Yeah…it’s harder than it sounds.

Second: Other stuff

What kind of other stuff?

49 kettlebell/DB swings

Then 49 Bridges.

The bridges were done like the push ups.

One every 5 seconds, holding at the top.

Of course it was harder than it sounds.

Third: More stuff

49 Short Lunges…

Each Leg

49 Squats

Fourth: Different stuff.

T-Band Monster Walks

7 x 25 Yards

T-Band Lunges

7 x 25

Fifth: Stuff Continued

49 Rotation Push Ups

49 Crunches

49 Leg Raises



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