25th workout of the year, 3/12/2012.

Music: Sly and the Family Stone.  T-shirt: Big Dead Stinky Fish.

Time to celebrate another birthday!! Yet again!!

And today “58” is the magic birthday number.

Another conditioning workout that didn’t look so bad on paper.

Well…it was.

First: “Cardio” Circuit Training

12 Exercises

30 Sec Each Station, Max Reps

58 Second Wall Run Between Each Exercise

That’s like doing 12 sprints…

This was one of the most exhausting things we’ve done.

Plate Front Raise

Inverted Row

DB Curl

Prowler Push

KB 1 Arm Up Squats

Bulgarian Bag Swings

Ham Pullins on slide board

Ham Pullins on Ball

Ham Pullins on Keg

Incline Sit Up W/Ball

Keg Curl and Press

Chair Push Up Hold

Second:  Same 13 Station Circuit

With a small change. No running this time.

We burned up the calves with what we are calling “Toe Hops”.

58 Seconds of them  between each station

  1. Plate Front Raise
  2. Inverted Row
  3. DB Curl
  4. Prowler Push
  5. KB 1 Arm Up Squats
  6. Bulgarian Bag Swings
  7. Ham Pullins on slide board
  8. Ham Pullins on Ball
  9. Ham Pullins on Keg
  10. Incline Sit Up W/Ball
  11. Keg Curl and Press
  12. Chair Push Up Hold

Third: Core/Abs

Perhaps this wasn’t “necessary” but what the hell…

Crunches 100

Leg Raises 100



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