28TH workout of the year, 3/19/2012.

Music: Evanescence.  T-shirt: Marvel Comics.

Spring is here! But it feels a bit like summer.

At least the fan works!

Today’s workout had a little something for everyone.

First Thing:

Agility Ladder Drills

Just to get the sweat to start rolling.

And it did today.

Summer will be tough!

Second Thing:

Get Up Sit Ups 10

Simply lay on you back and then get up.

Without using your hands.

Harder than it looks.

Usually is…

Third Thing:

Lunges, kicks and hops!

Long Lunges 25 Yards

Long Lunges Backward 25 Yards

Short Lunges 25 Yards

Short Lunges Backward 25 Yards

High Kicks 25 Yards

Lunge Hops 2 x 25 Yards

Fourth Thing:

Theraband around the ankles for some resistance.

Monster Walks 2 x 25 Yards

Monster Walks Quick 2 x 25 Yards

Forward Jumps 2 x 25 Yards

Backward Jumps 2 x 25 Yards

Fifth Thing:

Circuit Training!

11 Stations for 2 Cycles

30 Seconds Each Station, Max Reps

Battling Chains

Ball Hamstring Pullins

DB Curl

KB Swings

Prowler Push

Keg Bearhug Squat

Hamstring Pullins on slide board

Side Step Run

Inverted Rows

Wall Sit

Single Leg Squat

Sixth Thing:


Crunches 50

Opposite Hand to Foot 25 Each Side

Side Hip Ups 25 Each Side

Supine Hip Ups 25

Reverse Crunch 25

Reverse Crunch/Hip Ups 25



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