33rd workout of the year, 4/9/2012.

Music: Bruce Springsteen. T-shirt: Average Joe’s Gymnasium.

Still some residual soreness from all of last week’s battle with exercise.

(We won by the way.)

This was supposed to be another birthday workout. I guess it was but the birthday recipient wasn’t there.

That doesn’t mean we couldn’t “enjoy” the festivities!

Like the title says, 48 different exercises at 48 rep each.

Another one that sounds simple…but isn’t!

The Workout:

  1. Sit Ups
  2. Leg Raises Top
  3. Leg Raises Middle
  4. Leg Raises Bottom
  5. Leg Raises Full
  6. Side Hip Ups
  7. Burpees
  8. One Arm Wall Push up
  9. DB Curls
  10. DB Triceps Extension
  11. Triceps Bench or Chair Dips
  12. Wall Sit
  13. Wall Sit SLR
  14. Lemon Squeezers
  15. Wall Sit Knee Ext
  16. Wall Sit Hip Flex
  17. Squats
  18. Push Ups
  19. Wide Squat
  20. Reverse Crunches
  21. Wide Push Ups
  22. Feet Together Squats
  23. Bottoms Up Squats
  24. Toe Hops
  25. Seated Leg Raises
  26. Elbows to Knees
  27. Elbows to Opposite Knee
  28. Long Lunge
  29. Flying Squirrel Hold
  30. Rear Lunge
  31. Prone Arm/Leg Lifts
  32. Crunches
  33. Jumping Jacks
  34. Tables
  35. Squat Jumps
  36. Incline Push Ups on Chair
  37. Plate Upright Rows
  38. Plate Presses
  39. Kettlebell Swings
  40. Bridge Hold
  41. One Leg Bridge Hold
  42. Plank
  43. One Leg Plank
  44. Bridge Reach Backs
  45. Lunge Hops
  46. Wall Run
  47. Mountain Climbers
  48. High Kicks



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