34th workout of the year, 4/11/2012.

Music: REM. T-shirt: Type O Negative.

Today is a combo birthday “celebration”. Someone turned 53 and another 45.

So how can we make this workout…well you know…worthy of a birthday workout?

Circuit Training!!!!

Sure we’ve done it before. But this time it was like doing two workouts at the same time.

There were 10 Stations. We’ve had more but we never did a circuit like this.

We spent 53 seconds at each station. Yep, almost double what we would normally do.

And then between each station we did a “wall run” for 45 seconds.

We did 2 cycles of this. Why only 2?

2 reasons:

  1. We were running out of time.
  2. We were freaking exhausted!

Keg Press and Push Ups

DB Curls

Prowler Push

Hamstring Ball Pullins

Keg Hamstring Pullins

Ab Pullins on slide board hands

Inverted Rows

Bulgarian Bag Squats

KB Swings

Bench Dips



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