38th workout of the year, 4/28/2012.

Music: A bunch of stuff Randy through together. T-shirt: got momentum?

I’m only posting this one a bit over a month late. Been “busy”. What that really means is that other things were more “important” to do…which is really another way of saying that I was just too damn lazy to get this done.

Does the above remind you of you? Not that honest?

Well at least I did take the videos and write the workouts down. Got that goin for me!

First: Walking DB RDLs.

RDLs? Romanian deadlift. Why is it called that?

Too lazy to google it. Doesn’t really matter.

We butcher it up pretty good!

Or bad…

Second: Core/Abs

11 or 12 (can’t remember!) Medicine Balls, 4 – 22 pounds

Sit Up/Twists 5 Reps Each Ball

Ball to Toes 10 Reps Each Ball

Full Supine Ball To Toes 5 Reps Each Ball

Legs Wide Ball To Toes 10 Reps Each Ball

Third: Circuit Training

10 Exercises, 2 Cycles

30 Seconds Each Station, Max Reps

Ball Slams

DB Curls

Kettlebell Swings

Windsheild Wipers

Keg Press/Burpee/Push Up

Inverted Row

Upright Row

Feet Suspended Plank to Push Up Position

Ab Pullins on Slideboard

Side to Side on Step

I think that was quite enough for the day!!



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