Image283rd  workout of the year, 1/7/2013.

Music: Hit of 1975. T-shirt: Yoda

Another uncreative blog post name.

Gotta still work on those!

But first…gotta work on the body!

First: Warm UpImage1

Yeah, we actually did a warm up today.

Burpees 2 x 20

Burpees with ground up push up 2 x 20

Second: Circuit Training 

13 Stations, 30 Sec Each StationImage10

Max Reps, 3 Cycles

Keg Bear Hug Squats

BB Curls

Keg Press/Burpee/Pushup

Abs on slide boardImage8

Keg Upright Row

Side Hip Ups on Step

DB Curls

Band Ab Crunch

Triceps Push Ups on BarImage7

Inverted Push Up

Bulgarian Bag Squats

Wheel Rollouts

Sit up Twist w/Med ball

Third: More BurpeesImage19

9 Med Balls (6 – 24 lbs)

Burpees Push Ball Overhead on Jump, 3 reps each ball

Burpees Push up to ball, ball overhead on jump, 3 reps each ball

Fourth: Optional Stretching

Just for the “fun” of it!Image25



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