Bulgarian Squat Variation Workout

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Core, Exercise, fitness, Glutes
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Image44th workout of the year, 1/9/2013.

Music: The Beatles. T-shirt: Columbus Tech

Apparently it’s Quad and Butt day!

Yep that is pretty much what we were feeling that night…and the next few days!

Just a simple little workout…Image1

Bulgarian Split Squat otherwise called the Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

First: Body Weight

10 Reps Each

Arms at SideImage2

Arms in Front

Arms Overhead

Arms Horizontal

One Arm Up, One Arm Down

Other Arm Up, Other Arm DownImage6

Arm Down, Short Hop

Second: Kettlebell or Dumbbell

10 Reps Each

KB/DB Right Hand

KB/DB Left HandImage7

KB/DB Right Shoulder

KB/DB Left Shoulder

KB/DB Right Overhead

KB/DB Left Overhead

KB/DB Right Overhead PressImage8

KB/DB Left Overhead Press

Third: Medicine Balls

Med Balls 6 – 25 pounds

10 Reps Each

Ball at Belly, All Balls at TireImage10

Ball out Front, All Balls at Tire

Ball Overhead, All Balls at Tire

Then on to the next tire and balls…

And the next tire and balls…

Fourth: Core/AbsImage16

Figure 4 Leg Raise/Crunch Combo Both Sides 25 Each Side

Wide Leg, Hand to Foot Crunch 25 Each Side

Reverse Crunches 25

Hip Ups 25

Fifth: Optional StretchingImage21

…and a bit of “post training nutrition”…



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