Image5Workout for, 1/21/2013.

Music: Jimi Hendrix, Kid Rock. T-shirt: Jimmy Green’s.

Got some heavier dumbbells over the weekend and a few other toys. Gotta try them out!

A few new folks showed up, hopefully they will come again!

First: Agility LadderImage1

Again for no special reason except that I just wanted to do them. I also wanted to put in the uppers since we didn’t do that last time.

Second: DB Squat Ladder

Squats with DB. 5 Reps each pair

20s through 55s then a pair of 70s and a pair of 85s.Image4

We went up the “ladder” and down the “ladder”.

Loads of fun!!

Third: Circuit Training

13 Stations, 30 Seconds each station

Max Reps, 1 CycleImage6

Keg Bear Hug Squats

BB Curls

Chair Bridges

Keg Press/Burpee/Pushup

Keg Upright RowsImage7

AB Pullins on slideboard w/push up

Triceps Pushdowns

Incline Situps

Dead Treadmill Run

Incline Leg RaisesImage9

Sissy Squats

90 Degree Pushups

Inverted Row

Fourth: Medicine Ball Core/Abs

13 Balls, 4 – 25 poundsImage12

Oh yeah…you’re gonna get every ball with every exercise!

Sit Up/Ball Side to Side 5 Reps Each Ball

Seated Leg Raises, Ball Overhead, 10 Reps Each Ball

Lemon Squeezers, Ball Overhead, 10 Reps Each Ball

Seated Leg Raises, Ball Overhead in one hand, 3 reps each handImage14

Fifth: Optional Stretching

Just for funsies…Guinness goes well with stretching…



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