Kettlebells and Core (Abs) 3

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, fitness, Glutes
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Image19Workout for 2/4/2013.

Music: Radio. T-shirt: Big Dog Running Co.

The folks that show up to the last work out really had some butt and thigh screaming from all the kettlebell swings!

Today I decided to figure a way for Randy to get back in the swing of things. Had to come up with a majority of things he could do while his knee was still in a straight leg brace. Apparently I did.Image3

Half Kettlebell stuff, seated position. That was a first. Then a lot of body weight stuff.

First: Kettlebell and Bodyweight Workout

5 Cycles of 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 for the kettlebell stuff

1 Arm Kettlebell SwingsImage14

1 Arm Kettlebell Cleans

1 Arm Kettlebell Clean and Press

1 Arm Kettlebell Clean and Stand

1 Arm Kettlebell Clean/Stand/Press

1 Arm Kettlebell Clean/Press/StandImage16

Incline Push Ups 10

Decline Push Ups 10

Lemon Squeezers 20

Leg Raises 20

1 Leg Bridges 10 EachImage5

90/90 Crunches 20

1 Leg Squats 10 Each

We did get a bit of water after each cycle.

Second: Optional Stretching

Time to “relax”…well maybe not…Image21



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