Image14Workout for 2/18/2013.

Music: The Eagles. T-shirt: Capitol Bowl, UGA.

Back to some circuit training again.

Left out the leg work.

They needed a break!

First: Circuit TrainingImage1

18 Stations

2 Cycles, 10 Reps Each Station

Feet Elevated Push Ups

Side Hip Ups

Lying Triceps ExtensionsImage5

Big Wheel Rollouts

Plate Upright Rows

Kettlebell Sit ups

DB Curls

Slideboard AbsImage8

Plate Presses

Incline Situps

Inverted Rows

Small Wheel Rollouts

BB CurlsImage15

Incline Leg Raises

Bench Dips

Roman Chair

Tube Curls

Crunches on BallImage9

Second:  Circuit Training Again

Same 18 Stations…done harder

1 Cycle, Max Reps Each Station for 30 Sec

Yep…this was definitely harder than just 10 reps.

Will have to remember that for a circuit like this.Image21

Third: Optional Stretching

Yep…static stretching again… and again…no apologies…



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