Image10Workout for 2/20/2013.

Music: Collective Soul. T-shirt: Superman.

Over 30 different movements for fun and conditioning.

Do some or do them all. Will bring out the sweat.

Just adults at play…

First: Cone DrillsImage2

Not unlike an agility ladder.

Just make stuff up…it’s all good!

Second:  Movement Stuff

Inchworms w/1 Push Up

Inchworms w/1 Ground Up Push UpImage5

Bear Crawl

Gorilla Walk

Commando Crawl 1

Commando Crawl 2

Hand and KneesImage7

Side Crawl

Side Crawl Hand Over Hand

Third: More Movement Stuff

Side Crawl w/Push Up

Side Crawl, Push Up and OverImage9

Push Up and Roll

Butt Lift and Pull Through

Butt Slide Leg Raise

Push Up Leg Hop Forward

Fourth: Movement Stuff ContinuingImage13

Spiderman Crawl

Rolling Arms At Side

Rolling Arms Overhead

Rolling Arms At Chest

Modified Spiderman CrawlImage15

Push Up Position Lateral Leg Hops

Fifth: Mucho Movement Stuff

Squat Walks

Side Squat Walks

Backward Squat WalksImage16

Frog Hops

Diagonal Long Lunge




High Kick

Sixth: Optional Stretching

Yep…static stretching again… and again…and again…no apologies…

Not much movement…Image21



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