Body Weight Conditioning and ABS

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, fitness, Push ups
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Image13Workout for 2/27/2013.

Music: Radio, Kid Rock. T-shirt: Yellow Submarine.

Body weight exercises today.

And nothing but.

If you don’t have a big tire around the house just use a chair!

First: Whole Body ConditioningImage1

12 Exercises.

4 Cycles of 20,15,10,5 Reps.

Toe Taps between each exercise.


Long Bulgarian SquatImage2

Short Bulgarian Squat

Squat Sit Backs

Squat Jumps

Decline Push Ups

Incline Push UpsImage6

Depth Jumps

90/90 Crunches

Side Hip Ups

Tire Lunge

Burpee Feet on to TireImage7

Second:  Abs

25 Reps Each

Bent Knee Crunches

Legs Straight Crunches

One Knee Bent CrunchesImage15

One Knee Bent Other Leg Straight Off Floor Crunches

One Knee Bent Other Leg Straight Both Off Floor Crunches

Leg Raise Position Crunches

Figure 4 Crunches Knee Bent

Opposite Hand to Foot CrunchesImage18

Side Crunches

Up the Middle Crunches

Hands to Feet Crunches



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