Image1Workout for 3/6/2013.

Music: Some kind of country stuff, Randy beat me to the CD player. T-shirt: Zombie.

Giving the hams and quads a rest.

Gonna beat up on the calves.

Well that and a couple other places!

First: Agility Ladder DrillsImage2

Not because they’re a great thing to do but because we don’t do them all the time and heck it’s cold in here.

Hard to do these wrong. Just make a pattern up if you want to.

Second: Up and Down the Dumbbell Ladder

Dumbbells from 20 – 55 poundsImage3

5 Reps each DB

Heel Raises

Toe Hops

Upright Rows

Shoulder ShrugsImage8

Third: Abs and Calves Circuit

9 Ab/Core Exercise Stations

20 Toe Hops between each station


Side Hip UpsImage12

Incline Sit Ups

Incline Leg Raises

Ketttlebell Sit Ups

T-band Crunches

Big Wheel RolloutsImage13

Small Wheel Rollouts

Foot to Bar Leg Raises

Fourth: Optional Stretching

The whole stretching thing is in there…just speeded up. To lazy to edit!



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