Abs, Pistol Progression, Total Motion Release

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Core, Exercise, fitness, Glutes
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Image5Workout for 3/13/2013.

Music: Radio. T-shirt: Lucky Shirt.

And now for something different.

As always!

The beginning isn’t so different but just wait…

First: Core/AbsImage1

7 Medicine Balls

6 – 23 pounds

Lemon Squeezers Ball Overhead, 10 Reps Each Ball

Seated Twists w/Legs Up, 5 Reps Each Ball

Supine, Ball In Hands, Arms Overhead, Leg Raises, Image210 Reps Each Ball

Sit Ups, Twists, 5 Reps Each Ball

Supine Side Crunches, 10 Reps Each Ball

Up the Middle Crunches, 5 Reps Each Ball

Legs Wide, Ball to Each Foot, 10 Reps Each BallImage7

Ball in One Hand Supine Crunches 5 Reps Each Hand/Each Ball

Second: Squats and Pistols

Decided to work on full squats, balance, and pistols.

Did this several sets to get the body “used” to the bottom position. Image9Done with a weight it’s easier. After several reps we checked the squat again to see if it was easier…it was.


Squat with “counter weight”

Cossack or Side Squat

Skater Squat

Third: Total Motion Release and Squats/Side SquatsImage12

Total Motion Release is a physical therapy technique/course. Works in the clinic and in the gym. Just playing around with it in a group.



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