Image8Workout for 3/18/2013.

Music: Radio. T-shirt: Props Brewery.

All body weight stuff today.

Decided to do some timed exercises after seeing what Deep was doing with his clients on facebook.

While we’re always doing something different it’s awesome when you get inspired by what someone else is doing.

Thanks Deep!!Image1

First: Five Exercises For Reps/Time

100 Reps For Each Exercise

As fast as you can


Ground Up Push UpsImage3


Leg Raises


Second: Core/Abs

Seated Elbow to Opposite Knee 50 Each SideImage9

Sidelying Side Crunches 50 Each Side

Supine Side Crunches 50 Each Side

Up the Middle Crunces 50 Reps

Side Leg Raises 50 Each Side

Seated Leg Raises 50Image16

Lemon Squeezers 50

Opposite Knee to Elbow 50 Each Side

Feet to Ceiling Crunches 50

Hand to Opposite Foot 50 Each Side

Frog Position Crunches 50



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