Image9Workout for 3/20/2013.

Music: Radio and some CD Randy made with a bunch of pop stuff. T-shirt: Jimi Hendrix.

A return to circuit training.

This time hitting the lower body a bunch!

First: Leg CircuitImage1

3 cycles, 20,15, 10 Reps

Toe Hops

Chair Squats

Heel Raises

Donkey Heel RaisesImage3

Sissy Squats

Keg Overhead Squats

Walking With DB on Toes

Butt to Ball Squats

Full Squat Heel RaisesImage5

Kettlebell Swings

Keg Leg Curls

Second: Burpees

Burpees are never fun…especially like this!

100 RepsImage6

Full Squat down and back up

Burned up the quads something fierce!!

Third: Med Ball Core/Abs

Still had some time left.

So why not some ab stuff?!Image7

10 Balls, 6 to 23 pounds

One Arm Crunches, 10 Reps Each Ball

One Arm Side Crunch, 10 Reps Each Ball

Ball Behind Head Leg Raises, 10 Reps Each Ball



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