Image12Workout for 4/1/2013.

Music: Um…I think it was a classic rock CD or maybe the radio. T-shirt: Ron White.

Some more circuit training.

This time working the entire body.

Yup…the whole thing!Image3

First: Circuit Training

18 Stations

5 Cycles. Reps 12, 12, 10, 5, 6

DB Incline Presses

DB Triceps ExtensionImage4

Lying Triceps Extension

Band Upright Rows

Overhead Presses

DB Side Laterals

TB PushdownsImage10

Inverted rows

TBand Rows

Incline Sit Ups

Incline Leg Raise

Sissy SquatsImage6

Kettlebell Swings

BB Curls

Donkey Heel Raises

DB Curls

DB Squats (deadlifts)Image16

Kettlebell Heel Raises

Second: Optional Stretching

Yep, just some plain old school static stretching…



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