Mobility (for Albuquerque)

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, fitness
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Image8Workout for 4/3/2013.

Music: Classic rock CD. T-shirt: Foo Fighters.

A little different today.

Motion, movement, mobility.

Call it what you want but everyone should be able to do this workout. Just a lot of basic movement. No style points.

Use it or lose it!!Image1

First: A Warm Up (of sorts)

Arm Swings Forward 5 reps

Arm Swings Backward 5 reps

Cross Arm Swings 5 reps

Body Side Bends 5 reps both sidesImage2

Body Circles 5 reps both sides

Second: Leg kicks

Could be a continuation of the “warm up”




Forward and back

Crescent Over Chair In

Crescent Over Chair Out

Third: Squat  and Lunge MobilityImage4

Squat  rock bottom Arms Up 5 reps

Squat rock bottom, rotate, touch foot

Squat rock bottom, rock heel to toe

Long Lunge, Lean Back, pause, 5 reps each side

Long Lunge, elbows to floor 5 repsImage6

Long Lunge, rotate, elbow to floor, 5 times each side

Long Lunge, arms up, rotate, 5 times each side

Long Lunge, arms outstretched, rotate, 5 times each side

Side Squat (feet facing forward, don’t lean on thigh) 5 reps

Cossack Squat (side to side) 5 repsImage7

Stand and kneel, Back straight, knee – heel, 5 reps

Fourth: Leg Raise Stuff

Leg Raises bottom 10

Leg Raises middle 10

Leg Raises top 10Image11

Leg raise, feet to floor behind head, to wide leg sit up touch floor in front, 10 reps

Fifth: Bridge Stuff

Bridge 5 reps hold 5 seconds

One Leg Bridges 5 reps each sideImage13

Bridge, reach back – hold 5 seconds

5 reps each side

One Leg Bridge Reach Back 5 reps, hold 5 seconds

Sixth: Floor Stuff

Duck WalkImage14

Bear Crawling, hands and feet

Crawling, hand and knees

Crab Walk

Butt Pullthrough

Gorilla WalkImage15

Back Crawl Reach Back

Back Crawl

Belly Crawl

Full Bridge, reach back, roll

Rolling over arms bentImage18

Seventh: More Floor Stuff

Upper Body Twist

Lower Body Twist, Knees Bent

Lower Body Twist, Knees Straight

All Fours, arms/trunk twist and holdImage20

Push Up position, twist

Press Up

Press Up with a twist

Press Up with one knee bent



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