Squats, Squats, and More Squats (Day 2)!

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Body Weight, Core, Exercise, fitness, Glutes, Medicine Balls
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Image9Workout for 4/17/2013.

Music: Rob Zombie. T-shirt: Spiderman.

More different stuff today.

Of course.

Did a boat load of squat a couple of days ago. Should probably not do something like that again, huh?

Why not!!??Image1

First: DB Squat Ladder

Some folks call this a dumbbell deadlift.

Call it whatever you want.

Fran, Jackie, Bob, who cares!

Dumbbells from 10 – 55 pounds, 5 Reps EachImage3

Up and Down the “ladder”.

Touch the floor with the weights each rep.

Not a fun time…for the legs!

Second: Chair Leg Stuff!!

Tabata Style Chair SquatsImage4

Fast as you can for 20 seconds then a 10 second break.

8 cycles…less than 4 minutes.

And then:

9 Medicine Balls 6 – 23 Pounds

10 Reps With Each BallImage6

Woodchopper Squats

Ball Behind Back Squats

Ball In Front Squats

Third: Variety of Leg Stuff

Rock Bottom Squats 4 x 25 RepsImage15

Lie on the floor and get up without hands 15 Reps

Take a Knee 100 Reps

Hover Time 1 minute



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