Image19Workout for 4/20/2013.

Music: Radio. T-shirt: TAKOSUSHI.

More different stuff again.

Did a boat load of squat a couple of workout days in a row. Should we go for three?

Sure! Why not!!??

First: Workout on the big tiresImage1

13 Exercises

4 Cycles, Reps: 20/15/10/5


Wide Squats

Feet Together SquatsImage4

Romanian Squats

Jump Squats

Decline Pushups

Chest to Tire Pushups

One Leg SquatsImage13

Tire Jumps


Side Hip Ups

Seated Leg Raises

Burpees with Pushups, Feet top of TireImage16

Second: Medicine Ball Ab Core

11 Balls, 6 – 23 pounds

Sit Up Twists, 5 Reps, Each Ball

Ball Overhead, Seated Leg Raises, 10 Reps Each Ball

Ball in Hands/Outstretched Arms Leg Raises, 10 Reps Each BallImage17

Seated Twists Feet Stay Up, 6 Reps Each Ball

Lemon Squeezers, 10 Reps Each Ball



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