Workout for 10/21/2013.

Music: Blues Traveler.

T-shirt: Woodstock.

So here I am again…way, way behind in JONESERCISE blog posts.

Just a bit busy…or lazy.

Pick either one of those 4 letter words!Image1

Anyway…we have still been hammering away.

Haven’t missed a beat…just blog posts!

So here is a mega circuit we did and we did it in a couple of different ways.

1.   Incline Push UpsImage10
2.   Decline Push Ups
3.   Lying Triceps Extensions
4.   DB Triceps Extensions
5.   DB Curls
6.   Plate Overhead Presses
7.   Plate Upright Rows
8.   T-Band Push Downs
9.   Tube Curls
10.Med Ball Push UpsImage8
11.Ground Up Push Ups
12.Chair Squats
13.Chair One Leg Squats
14.Chair Bridging
15.Chair One Leg Bridging
16.  Sissy Squats
17.   Sit Ups
18.   Leg Raises
19.   Roman Chair
20.   Big Wheel RolloutsImage5
21.   Inverse Rows

First we did 2 cycles of the 21 exercises. The first cycle was at 15 reps and the second was at 12 reps.

Then we did each station for 30 seconds and maximum reps.

This was much more tiring.Image4

And we finished it off by going back to reps…this time only 10 on each exercise.

I guess you could consider that a “cool down” for us.




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