More Mega Circuit Training!

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Circuit Training, Exercise, fitness, lose fat
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Workout for 10/23/2013.

Music: Disco Stuff.

T-shirt: Kendrick High School.

What do you know…knocking out the second blog post in months!

Since we did a big circuit last time I wasn’t going to do it again but I took it as a challenge to come up with another 21 exercises that were different than a couple of days ago.

So here is another mega circuit and we did it in a couple of different ways again!

1.    BB CurlsImage13

2.    Swiss Ball on Wall Push Ups

3.    Chair Squats Ball Over Head

4.    Chair Squats Ball In Front

5.    Back Extensions

6.    Underhand Inverse Rows, Feet on Chair Image6

7.    Overhead T-Band Triceps Extensions

8.    Forward Plate Pushes

9.    DB Presses

10.Push Up Position DB Rows

11.Plate Pull ThroughsImage4

12.Band Upright Rows

13.One Arm Band Presses

14.Step Run

15.Ab Pullins/Pushups on Slide Board

16.Jump RopeImage16

17.Kettle Bell Swings

18.Keg Burpee, Press, Push Up

19.Keg Bear Hug Squat

20.Keg Leg Curls

21.Seated Leg Raises Ball Overhead


First we did 2 cycles of the 21 exercises. The first cycle was at 15 reps and the second was at 12 reps.

Having seen the film of the last workout I found that some folks we’re taking several seconds to get started with the timed cycle. So instead of 30 seconds at each station for max reps we did 40 – 45 seconds for max reps.

Doesn’t sound like much but those few extra seconds were devastating!




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