Image10Workout for 11/4/2013.

Music: Jim Croce then the Isley Bros took over.

T-shirt: Orca.

Continuing our non-traditional workouts…

And no two being the same…

We did another indoor obstacle course.Image4

Similar to circuit training…but different.

But First:

Is this a warm up?

Don’t know. You could call it that if you want.

Sure felt like part of a workout to me!Image1

     Squats 50

     Long Lunges 50

     Short Lunges 50

     Prisoner Squats Knee to Elbow Same Side 50

     Prisoner Squats Knee to Elbow Opposite Side 50

Second: Indoor Obstacle CourseImage14

8 Times Through This Course

     Agility Ladder

     Prowler Push

     Hop in/out of Tire 2 times

     KB Clean and Press 3 RepsImage12

     Step Up and Over Bench 3 times

     Back Crawl Under Chairs (bar across them)

     Medicine Ball Thrusters 3 times

     Bend Under Bar 3 times

     Keg CarryImage9

The kegs were 83 pounds (still some beer in it) and 32 pounds (empty).

The medicine balls were 10 and 24 pounds.

The kettle bells ranged from 20 – 35 pounds.



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