Workout for 11/11/2013

Music: George Thorogood.

T-shirt: Superman.

Did a bunch of different things this evening.

A few things a bit odd.

Like I never thought I’d ever do jumping jacks again.

That is until I saw some variations from Ryan Crandall.

Got my brain thinking…Image1

So I mixed up some jacks…

Along with some odd circuit craziness!

The Beginning: Agility Ladder

Just to get the blood flowing.

Bottom to top.Image4

I don’t worry too much about “form”.

Just wanna get the job done!

The Middle: Variety of Jumping Jacks

16 Different Jumping Jacks, 15 Sec each type

Wide Feet Come In a Little
Regular Cross Feet
Wide Cross Feet
Close Cross Feet
Close Feet Lunge
Wide Feet Lunge
Regular Hop Front to Back
Wide Hop Front to BackImage9
Side to Side Hop
Regular Twist
Wide Twist
Toes in Toes Out
Regular Left 360
Regular Right 360

Almost the End: Variety of Push Ups

10 Types at 10 Reps EachImage9

Arm Staggered Left Up
Arm Staggered Right Up
Feet Wide
Go Over Each Hand
Walk Out
Rotating Image12

The End: Odd Upper Body Circuit

14 Stations, 3 Cycles

Why Odd?

Well, a couple of things.

First, we did some extra high reps.Image17

30 reps for the first cycle.

25 then 20 reps followed.

Second, we did partial reps only.

The aim was for the “middle” portion of the movement.

The reality is some movements were more done at the “top”.

Some at the “bottom”. And some in the “middle”. 

Kinda hits the upper body harder than you think! 

DB LateralsImage16
DB Presses
BB Curls
DB Curls
EZ Bar Curls
Bench Dips
T-band triceps pushdowns
DB triceps extensions
Tube Curls
Roman ChairImage13
DB Rows
Keg Press
Leg Raises
Ab bench w/ball



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