Workout for 11/13/2013

Music: Radio.

T-shirt: Ein Stein.

Continuing along our “dogma” of not repeating ourselves…

A workout…

That involves the whole body…Image1

And though we felt “it”…

It shall not be repeated in its entirety…

First: Get Up Sit Up/Burpee

Since we did this first I guess this could be classified as a “warm up”.

The “Get Up Sit Up” is done by rolling back then forward and coming up to a standing position.

A little different today as we came up to a jump and went immediately into a burpee.

20 times.Image4

Next: Dumbbell Ladder/Ab-Core Combo

DB Ladders:

Start with 10 pound DBs and go up to 55 pounders, 5 pound increments, 5 reps each, no rest between sets.

We started with Squats. Some folks call this a DB Deadlift. Call it “Frank” if you want to…doesn’t matter!Image6

We then progressed through the next 5 exercises:

Floor Press

DB Rows

DB Presses

Triceps DB ExtImage7

DB Curls

But today something a bit different. We did an ab (core) circuit after each DB ladder. There were 8 exercises. We did 10 reps each. Doesn’t seem like much but total reps equal 480 for abs.

And these are the eight for this day:Image8

T-Band Crunches

Ab Stool w/medicine ball

Flat Leg Raises

Ab Wheel

Weighted Sit UpsImage10

Incline Leg Raises

Roman Chair

Windshield Wiper



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