Unilateral Dumbbell Workout Plus Abs/Core!

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Circuit Training, Core, Exercise, fitness, lose fat
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Image8Workout for 11/20/2013

Music: Molly Hatchett (again…forgot to change CDs).

T-shirt: Adidas.


And continuing the workouts…

Differing every time…Image1

Did Dumbbell Ladders again.

Not the same as the other day.

Today: Unilateral DB Ladders and Abs/Core

So we lined up the DBs again.

10 – 55 pounds.Image3

We did 5 Reps moving up the ladder.

Hits the whole body…

But unilaterally.

For a totally different feel!

One Arm SquatsImage5

One Arm Heel Raises

One Arm Floor Presses

One Arm DB Rows

One Arm DB Presses

One Arm Upright RowsImage9

One Arm Side Laterals

One Arm Triceps Extensions

One Arm DB Curls

Still part of the “circuit”. 5 reps each side

One Arm Theraband CrunchImage7

Hip Ups on Step

Side Incline Leg Raises

Side Raises on Roman



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