Workout for 12/23/2013

Music: Smith

T-Shirt: South Park, Happy Holidays!


 First: Agility Ladder

Not so much to increase agility as to just get going!Image2

Some days it’s just like that.

Second: Circuit Training Stuff

15 Reps on everything except Big Wheel just 10 reps.

And 5 more cycles, reducing the reps to:






Big Wheel RolloutsImage6

Kettle Bell Swings

Triceps Bench Dips

Agility Ladder

Plate Upright Rows

Plate TwistsImage8

BB Curls

DB Curls

Incline Leg Raises

Incline Sit Ups

Band Upright Rows

Third: More Agility Ladder Stuff

Still had some time so I guess you could consider this a “cool down”???



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