Workout for 1/2/2013.

Music: Variety of Stuff

T-Shirt:Contrary to Popular Opinion No One Owes You Anything (Thanks Connie!)


Haven’t done a whole chair workout in a while.Image1

More tiring than it looks on paper.

Really, it is.

It can all be done at home…all you need is a chair!

First: Another Chair Workout

30 Exercises total with varying reps.Image2

2 Cycles of this stuff.

1.    Wide Squats 25

2.    Regular Squats 25

3.    Feet Together Squats 25

4.    Right Foot Front 25Image3

5.    Left Foot Front 25

6.    Feet On Chair Push Ups 15

7.    Chair Lunge 25 Each Side

8.    One Leg Squats 25 Each Side

9.    Incline Push-ups 15 Image9

10.One Leg Squats/Leg On Chair 25 Each Side

11.Chair Burpees 10

12.90/90 Chair Crunches 25

13.Feet On Chair Push Up Hops 10

14.Triceps Dips 15Image10

15.One Leg Toe Hops/Leg On Chair 25 Each Side

16.Bridges 15

17.Chair Jump Squats 15

18.Side Hip Ups 15 Each SideImage14

19.Leg Swings Over Chair In/Out 10 Each Side

20.Leg Swings Over Chair Out/In 10 Each Side

21.Leg Raises 25

22.Side Kick Over Chair 10 Each SideImage12

23.Lemon squeezers 25

24.Front Kick Over Chair 10 Each Side

25.1 Leg Hip Bridge 10 Each Side

26.Chair Toe Taps 10 Each Side

27.Hands On Floor SquatsImage15

28.Figure 4 Leg Raises 25 Each Side

29.Cossack Squat Foot On Chair 10 each Side

     30.Incline Hands Together Push Ups 10 

Second: Medicine Ball Abs/Core

11 Balls, 8 – 24 PoundsImage21

Seated Twists 6 Reps Each Ball

Ball Overhead in 1 Hand, Leg Raises 10 Reps Each Ball

Ball Overhead Lemon Squeezers 10 Reps Each Ball

Ball Under Knees 3 Reps Each Ball

Supine Lemon Squeezers Ball On Ankles 5 Reps Each Ball



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