Image3Workout for 4/30/2014

Music: 1970s CD per Randy again.

T-shirt: AC/DC.

Circuit Training again today. But with an extreme twist. We did the “Tabata” style at each station.

Unfamiliar with Tabatas? Izumi Tabata is a researcher in Image1Japan. Dr. Izumi Tabata (of The National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo) developed a protocol to increase both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. “Tabata” workouts are brief, but extremely intense.

When I say we are doing “Tabatas” I am extrapolating from the research of Dr. Tabata. Meaning we take an exercise and bust your rear for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second break. The process is repeated 8 times. A less than 4 minute process.Image6

We’ve done some whole “Tabata” workouts before…but only bodyweight exercises. And never for just one body part. Today meaning thighs. Course some lower back, ab/core, upper back and shoulders also kicked in a bit, depending upon which exercise station you happened to be on.

I’m sure there are/will be some internet guru/troll types that won’t like this workout. Well…life is simple…and they don’t have to do it.
First and Only: Thigh CircuitImage11

10 Stations
1 Full Circuit
Max Reps for 20 Sec
Break for 10 Sec
Repeat 8 times at each station

Chair Squats
Chair Jump Squats
Bridging Feet on BenchImage12
Slideboard Leg Curls
Keg Leg Curls
Wall Sit
Squats Ball Overhead
Small Keg Leg Curls
Squats Ball Out Front
Sissy Squats

This was devastating.
We’ll do it again…
Or something like it!



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