Image21Workout for 5/14/2014

Music: Top 500 Rock Hits.

T-shirt: Train Hard Play Harder.

We did a little of everything today.
And when I say a “little” it does not mean this was a “fluffy” workout. Nope, we don’t do “fluff”.

Since I’m a bit older I still remember as a kid doing a bunch of things after school or on a Saturday afternoon. Not just video games or scheduled programing.Image1

We might ride bikes, climb tree, explore the woods (even if we weren’t supposed to), play on the various things at the playground, have a pick up football/baseball/basketball game, pretend we were professional wrestlers, etc.

Essentially we moved. We moved all the time. We moved well. And we didn’t think about it. We were not programmed in any sense of the word.

We had FUN.Image2

So this workout is “Adults At Play”. Because that’s what it is!

Doing a bit of everything…
And moving around like we were kids.

That’s how you stay young!

First: Agility Ladder

Just something to get started.Image4
Not that we needed to get the blood flowing.
It was hot enough…the blood was flowing well!

Second: Inchworms

First with one push up…
then two…
then three…
then four!

Third: Crawling and RollingImage7

Bear Crawls Forward
Bear Crawls Backward
Push Up Position Side Crawls
Side Rolls
Rotation Push Ups

Fourth: Monster Walks

Using the Gold Theraband around the ankles.Image11

Side Squat Position
Forward Lunges
Backward Lunges
Forward Hopping
Backward Hopping
Jump Up/Jump Out

Fifth: BALLS!!

Medicine that is…Image20

8 Balls, 8 – 20 Pounds

Plyo Push Ups 2 Reps Each Ball
Plyo Push Ups 3 Reps Each Ball
Kneeling Ball Slams 3 Reps Each Ball
Standing Ball Slams 3 Reps Each Ball
Jumping Ball Slams 3 Reps Each Ball
Jumping Ball Slams With Burpee 3 Reps Each Ball
Short Lunges Ball Overhead 4 Reps Each Ball



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