Image2Workout for 5/19/2014.

Music: Top 500 Rock Hits .
T-shirt: Bill Hicks: HERO.

Kind of an odd circuit today, all body weight stuff.
And then some balance work…which is something we probably do not do enough of.
Guess we did it a bit with the 2 x 4 workout.
This was much simpler but still effective.Image1

More people should be doing this kind of stuff.

Especially if you’re not a kid any longer…

First: Some Conditioning Stuff

Just a variety of things. Trying to keep the “fun” going!
Did this circuit 4 times:Image6

Bear Crawl
Inchworm w/1 Push Up
Agility Ladder
Duck Walk
Obstacle Jumps
Ran 220 Yards

Not a bad little “warm up” to the balancing stuff!Image12

Second: A Balancing Act

Ala Ryan Crandall.

Standing One foot barely off floor
Standing one foot lateral
Standing one foot in front
Standing one foot to the rearImage11

All the above again with hip raise/drops
All the above again with twists

Standing knee bent 90
Standing knee raise front
Standing knee raise lateral
Standing knee raise rear

And on and on and on…Image16

You can find Ryan at:



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