The Most Ultimate Death Drill Dumbbell Complex

Posted: May 25, 2014 in Exercise, fitness, High Intensity, lose fat
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Image25Workout for 5/21/2014

Music: John Fogerty.

T-shirt: Working Class Fitness.

Got to wear my Working Class Fitness T-Shirt (Thanks Matt!) while I took a trip to some older JONESERCISE workouts.
We haven’t done any “suicide” drills in a long time so I put some in there.


A few years ago we started doing some dumbbell complexes. Randy can up with the “Ultimates” and then the “Ultimate Ultimates”. Then I came up with the “Death Drills”…essentially just more movements with the dumbbells.

Today we have “The Most Ultimate Death Drill”!

First: “Suicide” Drill

I guess you could call this a warm up?!
Did it with 45 pound plates across the concrete.Image6
Made a lot of noise.
Everyone got in 3 runs.

Second: The Most Ultimate Death Drill Dumbbell Complex.

23 movements = 1”Set”
We did 10 “Sets”!

Actually on the last “set” we did 3 reps on each movement…Image8
Not a real good reason for it.
We just did it!

1. Controlled Squat
2. Sprawl
3. Push up
4. Push up position DB Row
5. Push up position DB Row reach across belly
6. Floor pressImage23
7. Bridge Floor Press
8. One Leg Bridge Floor Press
9. Triceps ext
10. DB Sit Up
11. Seated Press
12. Move to Full Squat position
13. Jump
14. Rear Lateral
15. CurlImage16
16. Upright Row
17. Side Lateral
18. Front Raises
19. Overhead Press
20. Long Lunge
21. Short Lunge
22. Standing DB Row
23. Stiff legged Deadlift



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