Image19Workout for 5/24/2014

Music: Top 500 Rock Hits

T-shirt: Spiderman

What to do, what to do, what to do?
Woke up late.
Feel kinda stiff.
Guess we might warm up a bit…Image1
First: Chair Squats

Wide 25
Medium 25
Feet Together 25

Second: Chair Push Ups

15, 14, 14, 13….2, 1

Easy enough…Image8

Third: Kicks, Lunges and Stretches

Just some wide kicks over a chair.
Loosens ups the hips a bit.
Keep you moving.
Heck might even help with balance.

Then some Chair Lunges (front and side) with some stretches thrown in.

Fourth: Shoulder CircuitImage12

2 Cycles, 15 Reps then 12 Reps

DB Press
Plate Press
Band Upright Rows
BB Press
BB Upright Row
Plate Upright Row

Fifth: Arm Circuit 1Image16

Bicep emphasis.
15 Reps on everything

BB Curls 1
BB Curls 2
DB Curls
Plate Curls
Band Push Downs
Bench Dips

Sixth: Arm Circuit 2Image17

15 Reps on everything
Triceps emphasis.

BB Curls
BB French Curls
Bench Dips
DB Triceps Extensions
Band Push Downs
Plate Curls

Seventh: Core/AbsImage21

Crunches 50
Leg Raises 50
Hip Flex/Leg Raise Pause 10
Hands to Knees Crunch Pause 10
Seated Leg Raises 50
Superman 15
Flying Squirrel 15



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